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Summertime curb appeal!

by Tracy Cosgrove

Posted on Oct 27, 2015 1:57:16 PM

Once the weather finally breaks, especially in NEPA, most people begin to set their sights outward. As the warm air of summer envelopes us inspiration hits and most people want to make sure the outside of their home showcases some curb appeal. If you follow the few simple steps listed below your home will be ready for warmer weather in no time.

Assess Your Needs.
The first step is to decide what it is you actually want to accomplish. So take a look at the outside and try to figure out what will improve your curb appeal the most. Is the porch too cluttered? Would the house benefit from a fresh pair of awnings? Does the house need a new coat of paint? Do you just need more plants, color and decorations? Making these decisions will help you lay out a budget and a plan.

Toss Old Items.
Anything you currently own that doesn’t fit into your new and improved curb appeal plan can get tossed immediately. Remove clutter from your porch, toss any old planters that are tattered and worn, remove any old gates that are barely hanging on, if the storm door is broken remove it and buy a new one and throw away anything else that is just getting in the way of the new fresh plan.

Power Clean.
After you get rid of all the old, broken items, it’s time to clean. Remove leaves and junk from your gutters, pull weeds, cut down brush and power wash your windows, porches, stairs, decks, and sidewalks. Literally wash away the winter months from your property.

Buy New Items.
You may not be able to get everything all at once but start to buy those items that spruce things up such as mulch, colorful plants, landscape solar lights, etc. Decide on paint colors, pots for plants, gates, new welcome mats, etc. the items that had charm and appeal. If there are big ticket items such as new awnings or a new front door plan to budget for this items.

Doing the above will truly bring new life to your curb appeal and most things can be done in one weekend. Put in the work early on, even if the weather is still a bit cool, so you are now set to enjoy the summer months with a beautiful, colorful, clean home. I have found that the sooner I get out there and spruce up the front of my home I start to see my neighbors do the same, so be the trend setter and get everyone moving on curb appeal.


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